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Lisburn Wrestling Clubs

Redhog Wrestling Club
Address: Chum Sut Martial Arts and Fitness Centre, 29 Saintfield Park, Lisburn, BT27 5BG
Contact: Coach John O'Rawe
Mobile: 07721696413


Web Link: Redhog Wrestling Club


Welcome to the innovative Redhog Wrestling Club, the front-runner for coaching Olympic freestyle wrestling within Lisburn and Belfast. We are a cross-community wrestling club and you can expect a very warm welcome at Redhog Wrestling Club. We practise the sport of Olympic Freestyle Wrestling and our training attire is simply shorts, t-shirt, and wrestling shoes or trainers. Every member of Redhog Wrestling Club has the opportunity to participate in what is globally acknowledged as the oldest sport in the world. Wrestling is without question, ‘a tough sport’ and you will receive unparalleled instruction in, what is probably the best sport for overall physical development. Wrestling involves all the muscle groups and throughout training, wrestlers will continually develop their strength, flexibility, stamina, balance, speed, and technique; that’s not all, many wrestlers develop valuable personal attributes including, self-reliance, fitness of mind and body and discipline. We hope that you are now totally motivated and keen to discover more, feel free to stay awhile, explore our extensive website and find out what Olympic Freestyle Wrestling has to offer you…

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