Donald Watters (Germany) Photographs

HI All. Here some pictures taken at the weekend in Dresden, look at the last two, they could have been taken in Lisburn of the Town clock. Pictures 2,3 and 4 are of the newly rebuilt church of the Holy Mother which was totally destroyed in 1945 by the allied forces and rebuilt by subscriptions from all over the world. Britain presented the dome which was made by an English goldsmith whose father was one of the pilots who dropped the bombs. Donald  
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Oktoberfest Munich 2007

The church beside the Oktoberfest into which the plane crashed in 1959 taking students from the University of Maryland home for Xmas The Hofbrdu beer tent with the Angel Aloisius decorated with bras and briefs. A badly served Liter of Beer ( 7,80 ) Mackerel being grilled over charcoal, an Oktoberfest speciality ( per kilo ( 47,50 )
A close up of Angel Aloisius playing a harp      

St Patrick's Day Dresden 2007


After reading Ann and Jimmy's comments about the Agfa film I thought these  photos might interest some of our forum readers. I was present on Sunday 17.Feb 2008 when the old Agfa Laboratory in Munich was demolished . 18 stories high, it took 120 kilos of explosives to bring it down. Donald

Portaguaro near Venice, on market day, the church tower is sinking at one side as shown in the pictures

Portaguaro near Venice      

Hi Folks Here are a few photos taken in Samnoun Switzerland 

Samnoun Switzerland  Samnoun Switzerland  Samnoun Switzerland  Samnoun Switzerland 
Samnoun Switzerland  Samnoun Switzerland  Samnoun Switzerland  Samnoun Switzerland 

Hello Jim Here are a few photos taken going over the Tauern Pass in Austria on 5th September 2009 and also some taken from the balcony of our holiday accommodation in Lignano Italy regards Don.

Hello Jim. Here are some photos taken this morning 21-02-2010 at Blütenburg Castle in Munich, where King Ludwig of Bavaria entertained his Irish born mistress Lola Montez around 1846. Also in the photos is a monument to the inhabitants of Dachau Concentration Camp who in April 1945 shortly before the WW11 ended were marched from the Camp past here to another Camp. The weather was so nice people were sitting outside at the Restaurant tables enjoying the sun. Don

Hello Jim Here are a few photos from Munich, the first 3 are from Nymphenburg Palace where Queen Elisabeth stays when she is in Munich, the rest are from the Oktoberfest. The church in the background from Nr 6 is where the plane which was taking home American students from the University of Maryland for Xmas in the 1950s lost it's bearings in fog and flew into the spire, crashing on top of a tram with a lot of lives being lost. Regards Don

Lilac Bushes 

Donald meeting the president of Germany 1996    

Hello Jim here are a few photos taken just now from the Lilac bushes growing in our garden, we never touch them and they are about 12 ft high, maybe they will interest Ann and Liz