B. J. Collins 1958 -2002  

This is Sami, I am working here MER as Surveyor & MWD Engineer mostly Iran off shore. Some time I got chance to stay at Baker's staff  house/office at Kish Island. Last time when I was staying with Brian Collins  in staff house I found him very simple and honest.

I can't express how much he was good. He has smiley face all time. I can not think that he was man to die like this. Any way he is in our hearts and will remin for ever.

What can we do? it is fact and we all have to die one day. And Brain went to meet, who crete him. We only pray for his next life be happy.


Subject: FW: Condolence

Please accept sincere condolence below from Rydges Plaza  Hotel in Dubai where Brian always stays.

 BHI Dubai

Staff of Rydges Plaza Dubai, would like to express our condolences to family of Mr Brian James Collins on his sudden demise.

Rydges Plaza Dubai

Subject: Brian,

 From: Alain LEVRERO
Sent: 17 March 2003 12:29
Subject: In memory of Brian

 Dear Mrs Collins
Its allready been a long time since that sad accident happened to Brian but i am taking that opportunity to tell you how much i miss him as a freind . I first met him allmost 5 year ago when we were working in Sirri field and all along these years i really appreciate his proffetionalisim and his  jovial and energic temper.

I was watching last week the rugby match France - Ireland (i am French) and at the end my first thaught was for Brian . For the first time i was happy that  Ireland beat France and i could almost heard him laughing.

 Alain Levrero
............................................................. ..................
Alain Levrero
Drilling Operations Superintendent
Port Road , Kish Island
Islamic Republic of IRAN

I came across this verse; it seemed to capture something about Brian which I picked up from rest of you.

Do not stand at my grave and weep;
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am diamond glints on snow.
I am sunlight on ripened grain.
I am gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in morning's hush
I am swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not  there. I did not die.

No-one is quite sure who wrote it: but I believe it was left in an envelope for his parents by Steven Cummins, a soldier killed on active service in   North of Ireland.

From: Perry, David
Cc: McClean, Alastair (HCC)
Date: 16 March 2003 22:47
Subject: BJ

Hello Lorna,

My apologies for having taken so long to write to about Brian's tragedy.
Although we have not met, I had many fond memories of BJ when we worked together with Baker Hughes in the Middle East and North Sea.
My last great night out (we had many) with BJ was in Dubai - Nov of 2001. Myself, Alistair McClean (Belfast Lad) and BJ went to the Hard Rock Cafe after having spent 4 hrs in heavy meetings.........it was lunch time and we picked at our lunch and started to have a few Corona beers..........well BJ decided that he was going to drink pints instead......we ended up singing the 100 green bottles standing on the wall and many more were consumed to the point that Alistair and myself had 28 coronas each and BJ had a very happy amount of pints. We got a taxi to the Jumeriah Beach Hotel and about 16 of us had dinner ......... well before dinner we resumed and had a few more beers and when we ordered our meal - BJ ordered a pasta dish...........when this came to the table he sort of looked at it and then literally fell asleep with his head falling into the pasta and he never really woke up.........we had so much fun that night and the hardest part was getting BJ a bed for the night as we didn't want to put him in a taxi........it took 4 of us to get him up to my room.
Well once we had made sure he was safe..........we continued downstairs at another bar. Needless to say when I returned to my room in the early hrs, BJ was sprawled across the bed and I ended up sleeping on the floor!

One of a many happy memory that I had with Brian.

He was a fantastic human being and will not be forgotten amongst his fellow associates in the Oil Industry. Words will not be able to heal your pain, but myself and my family send you all our sympathy and best regards for the future. At least you will know that Brian led his life to the fullest and will be deeply missed. I certainly will miss Brian, but there will always be a place for BJ in my heart.

With Best Regards
David Perry

Operations Manager
Baker Hughes Russia Operations, Ins
24, Schlakoblochnaya Str.
Yuzhno, Sakhalinsk
Sakhalin Island - Russia 693000

From: Roberta Kurtz
Sent: 06 January 2003 15:56
To: Darryl Collins
Subject: hi there

Dear Darryl,

I was so very sorry to hear of your tragic loss of your brother....So shocking!! It is so difficult to come to terms with an unimaginable situation. I am sorry for the children and family that will have such a thing to cope with....They are fortunate to have you in their lives, as someone with strength and warmth and generosity of spirit.

I wish you all love and light during this time and know that though it seems that he is gone, he is never gone, he is just without a suit of clothes so that we can see and speak to him. He is eternal, pure and free and I am certain that he is surrounding all his loved ones with as much love as they can absorb.

Lots of love,

Hi Lorna and Darryl
Just thought that I would drop you a quick line to keep you updated with events which have happened on Kish on Tuesday 7 January 2003, IN MEMORY TO BRIAN following people got together at Malcomb's apartment to pay  their respects to Brian.
  • Dave McKinnell (Drilling Manager)
  • Hicham Chajai (Drilling Engineer)
  • Daniel Driesschaert (Base Manager)
  • Alain Querne (Senior Well Services Engineer)
  • Jean Claude Daoudal (Completion Testing Supervisor)
  • Frederic Hoel (Senior Fluid & Cement Engineer)
  • Myo Thi-Ha (Geoligist Engineer)
  • Pascal Delille (Materials Supervisor)
  • Noushin Loghmani & Husband (Secretary)
  • and Myself,

I must apologise as nobody thought to bring a camera.

On 10 January 2003 at 17:30 (local time Kish) 14:00 in Ireland, Dave McKinnell, Hughie Carmicheal (Cameron Representative) and myself went to place on beach were we could look out to buoy's that we used to swim to, at exactly 17:30 we pulled rip tops from three cans of Guinness and said our farewell to Brian.


Karl Kepplinger
Assistant Base Manager Logistics
Port Road, Kish Island
Islamic Republic of IRAN


l picked up yr email from all company correspondence in relation to tragic loss of yr brother Brian last week in  Iran and just wanted to drop you and family a brief  message of condolence at this time.

I had worked with Brian in the field and was also in a  similar position as a rotating operations coordinator to Dubai when I suffered a stroke in 2001 and was medivaced home  to New Zealand to rehabilitate. Brian had always stayed in touch with me and I had only just recd an email from him  prior to Xmas to check on my progress.

I always admired  Brian's zest for life and his gregarious nature (even in bad times) all this is extremely hard to comprehend and  Brian will be greatly missed by all who knew him well.

Please pass on my warmest thoughts of him to Lorna,   children and family.

 best wishes
 Paul TREMLETT ( Alias TREMO ) and family


I am Muhammed (Admin.Manager) from Baker Hughes Dubai office who always closely work with Brian especially for the flight bookings etc. It is a great loss for family but same for me too, Brian was so sincere, so helpful, I have no words to explain...

My prayer always will be there for Brian. My heartfelt condolence to Brian's family.

Best regards

Mohammed Ali

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From: ian.a.hedley
Sent: 15 January 2003 02:28
To: Darryl Collins
Subject: Brian Collins

I had just heard the sad news about Brian , I wish to extend my sympathies to Brian's family and friends. I worked with Brian is a directional Driller, offshore Iran. He was very easygoing and a good man to work with, I think it goes without saying that he will be sadly missed by all the people that worked with him over the years.

Best regards,
Ian a Hedley ,
28 Masthead Quay,
Noosaville Queensland Australia 4566
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Sent: 15 January 2003 11:04
To: memories@banjax.com
Subject: BJ

My fondest memory of BJ was when Stephen Boyd BJ and myself went over to Wales in or around 1982 to see the rugby game at Cardiff Arms Park. I drove the car over and although I was only 18 and Boydo and BJ a few years older I wasn't slow at learning their ways ha-ha! BJ was telling me all about playing rugby in Australia and what a great country it was and this helped inspire me to go myself in 1983 where I stayed for 3 yrs playing against the All Blacks for south Australia in 1983 (we lost 99-0!) although I wasn't totally responsible for that!

In Cardiff I had bought a brand new lambswool "triple crown" jumper which I treasured as Irelands triples crowns are few and far between as you know! That night we were in a club dancing the night away when BJ leant over, grabbed the sleeve of my brand new jumper (only about 5 hours out of the shop!) in his teeth and pulled and pulled like a puppy dog with a rag doll.......until the sleeve all but ripped off! I cant say as i was best pleased, and he certainly didnt offer to buy a new one........but it was typical of his fun-filled personality and "way of going" that made people love him so much!

I played golf recently with BJ at Lisburn along with my twin brother Ross and will always remember him one of lifes real characters.

I hope Lorna and the boys' pain goes away over the years but i know how they are feeling.

best wishes
Barry McKelvey

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From: Keith and Donna Johnson
Sent: 17 January 2003 17:40
To: memories@banjax.com
Subject: Tribute to Brian

We wish to send our sincere sympathies to Lorna, the boys, all of the family and friends who will truly miss a great man.

We were blessed to have had the opportunity to have our paths cross with Brian's while he was in Dubai. He was always willing to give away one of his smiles, laughs or even better one of his warm bear-hugs. After a few short minutes in his company our spirits were lifted to the level that he was always showing. He was quick to explain that the feelings of happiness that he carried with him came directly from his wife and children. Our memories of Brian are of a true friend who was willing to step-up front to assist Keith either on the rig or in a more personal situation. Brian always made Keith feel better ... he will be missing his buddy, Brian, for years to come!

Wonderful memories of Brian will always be with us, his name will often be spoken, his friendship will be treasured forever.

Those that live on in the hearts of those they leave behind ... never die.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you,

Keith & Donna Johnson
Directional Driller Kish Project
Calgary, Alberta
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From: Dave Morrison
Sent: 16 January 2003 21:17
To: darryl@banjax.com
Subject: BJ


Friday had a very profound affect on us all and we just can't believe he's no longer with us. I've been working in the garden all week and I've thought about very little else but Brian.
I first met him in 1984 when we worked for a company called Camco. We joined Eastman Whipstock on the very same day....3rd Jan 1985. The two attached pictures were taken early 1985 when we were training to be surveyors down in Montrose. As you know, Brian always had itchy feet and it was only a year or so later that he moved to Smith and then back home to continue his Civil Engineering.
We used to drop in by when we were over in Ireland on golfing holidays, but didn't see him for a while after that. It was a chance meeting in a pub in Dublin during the home internationals that we next caught up...what were the chances of that happening?
He was a bit fed up with his job and I didn't have a hard job persuading him to go back to the oil. He came over to Aberdeen and was offered three jobs in one day!
he was in the North Sea for a year or two before heading over to the Middle East.
There have been many great moments with Brian and lots of laughs. He had a very infectious laugh and we were often creasing ourselves over the most trivial of things.
I've been trying to remember things all week....here's one or two:
We were working down at Melton Mowbray in a mine and a new surveyor had started. Brian was going to be working with him that night asked what he was like and what he looked like. I said he was a nice enough guy and the only way I could describe him was that he looked like a frog.....wee, fat and dumpy with large prescription round (NHS) specs. Brian just burst out laughing when he was introduced as he said my description was just spot on. Of course we all burst out laughing at Brian's reaction and the poor boy was wondering what was going on.

I think it was Brian and Lorna's first time skiing. We all went up to Aviemore and I showed them the basics and how to get going. Just stay in the snowplough position for turning and stopping. I left them to it, skied down and was getting the lift back up when I heard 'Hey Dave, I think I've got it cracked' just in time to see Brian hurtling down the slope at 100mph, followed by ' Hey Dave, how do you stop again?'

Lastly, he was over in Aberdeen going offshore and we had a game of golf in Royal Deeside with my mate Rory who was a member there. We had a great day and were in the pub later. Brian made the mistake of trying to keep up with Rory in the drinking stakes and was pretty far gone when Rory's dad and all his cronies came in (they were all members at Royal Deeside) Brian had us all in stitches as only he can. Rory's dad asked him what he thought of the course...'Not bad but I'll just take three clubs next time!' Oh, good laugh.

These are the ones that come to mind just now Darryl, but there were many more.

I didn't see much of Brian these last few years but we knew that we would have carried on where we left off next time we met. He was a great lad and we'll miss him.
Don't know when we'll be over next, but when we are we'll be in touch.


Dave and Mary Morrison.

Dear Darryl,

A good friend of my father died two years ago and I wanted to write something to him to express some comfort for him, but I couldn't find any perfect words that made any sense and it became so difficult to contact him, because I felt I needed to be smart enough to know what  should be said and it was impossible.

Please forgive this.

I don't really know what to say at a time like this...and I know anything I say, wont make a difference to anything, but please let me foolishly attempt to express what I feel, inadequate though it will be in  se rotten circumstances.

Knowing BJ for shortest amount of time is one of   saddest parts of all this, for me, because I had been left thinking, after Christmas Lunch, that he was someone I was going to have fun of getting to know over next bunch of years. I can't believe that big laughing lug that I'd met less than eight months ago, has died.

Ken and I have both been bowled over by this event and   awful thing is that rest of life moves along for us... though not for you. expectancy that a person should still be walking through a family door, any door, or be bumped into, around a corner, is so weighted by  fact that that wont happen any more, that in some part of  world  y wont exist, instead of knowledge that, even though  y aren't seen from one month to   next,  y at least are still working through rush of life somewhere.

When Wendy's mum died, we were left with an enormous hole where a person should have been....and that's a huge place and is never filled again...and thankfully I learned that it's never expected to be filled, we just move on through   next series of steps...but also  re is   knowledge of how much   world was bettered by that person having once occupied space y were meant to fill.

I do know we are part of a greater all, whatever one wishes to call it. I don't care if people choose to take   piss out of me for this secured knowledge, because my own life has shown me enough proofs of this, that my doubts have left me.

Truths still turn out to be truths whether believed or not, so it doesn't really matter much at all, or than forgetting in times of stress and wanting to blame in times of ordeal. I've done it all myself, until I fortunately remembered. I make constant mistakes and seem to spend my life attempting to fix  m while walking uphill with seven bags of cement on my back, but that doesn't destroy   understanding that it's how we approach each day that counts and makes up a life, warts and all. It all seems to be about  human beings learning, until we achieve what we set foot on this planet for...that achievement not determined by man's approval, but our own knowing of when we've finished our deed. We only seem to stay as long as  is necessary...but that is also   wonder of our lives...we never seem to know how long we've given ourselves.

Please try and think about this for Brian. It's not much of a comfort for those that are left behind, I know, and it may seem like piffle, but I do feel it's right...we stay as long as we have to and  n we take our leave, some quietly, some awfully.

Why else to we choose to live lives crippled, unbelievably wealthy, diseased, healthy, terminally happy, totally selfish, famous, unknown... Life, an existence, a spirit, continues never-ending. I have no doubts. Brian did whatever he had to and no-one will ever know what that was unless he chooses to impart knowledge on some level... you'll be able to ask him yourself next time you see him.

None of this really matters today, but I hope there may be sense in it a year from now, or five years, or ten.

I don't know what I'd do if it was myself and Ken in your positions. I'd probably forget all I've attempted to say... and fall apart.

This life is so much about love and loss and I'd rather know pain than never to have experienced happiness of love.

God bless you and your families.

I'm sorry if this is just useless twaddle. I wish I could think of something perfect to say, but I can't.

Take care Big D.


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From: Rossomck
Sent: 14 January 2003 16:40
To: memories@banjax.com
Subject: BJ Collins

Hi Darryl
I thought I would contribute a couple of stories about my times with BJ in Dunfanaghy with the White Horse Winter League from Lisburn Golf Club.

The first was several years ago, when BJ was a member of the WHWL and he somehow managed to play well enough to win Cecil Walker's Captain's prize on the Saturday (despite a skinfull the night before)! The prize consisted of crystal glasses of some sort, and as Cecil presented BJ with the Captain's Prize with one hand, he very cleverly took it back with the other hand, as BJ (like myself and several others) was in no fit state to carry it.
The next morning BJ was in the back of my car for the journey home, when Cecil opened the car door and put the crystal on BJ's knee. BJ looked at the crystal and said "Rosser? Did you win this lovely crystal?" He had no memory of having been presented with it the night before! We had great fun teasing him all the way home to Lisburn.

Incidentally, that evening BJ and Fred Walker took themselves on a tour of all the pubs in the main street of Dunfanaghy. When I finally managed to catch up with them, they were in a bar with a band playing the Soldiers Song. Everyone was standing to strict attention, but BJ and Fred were on centre stage doing a Benny Hill impression complete with tongues out, huge grins and a scout salute! They were totally oblivious to the fact that one or two locals found this disrespectful and were starting to get 'fidgety.' Whilst I engaged them in conversation and tried to calm things down, BJ and Fred literally made a run for it and managed to escape without any trouble! To this day when I see Benny Hill do that salute, I think of Fred and BJ in Dunfanaghy.

Last year at Easter I again drove Fred and BJ to Dunfanaghy. As usual we had to stop at the odd hostelry on the way down, and the weekend was always a good opportunity to catch up on the gossip. This year BJ was talking about caravanning in Portstewart and of course we then teased him all weekend about whether he had gone the full hog and subscribed to Caravan Monthly?

By this time the organiser of the trip, BJ's former partner Noel Robinson, had realised that it was a good idea for Fred, BJ and myself to tee-off after lunch. This would mean we had less opportunity to visit the bars before the evening dinner and prize giving. However BJ was a step ahead of such terrible plans. Early on Saturday morning he asked me to drive the 3 of us to the Golf Club, where BJ used his charm on the starter, to get him to allow us to tee off at 11am - 3 hours before we were supposed to! You can imagine the result - the rest of the society were teeing off when Fred, BJ and myself were coming in to the clubhouse and heading into town for a few beers and a game of pool. Incidentally, BJ and Fred regarded themselves as the pool champions of Dunfanaghy!! I don't think that says a lot for the local competition!

Anyway, I hope these stories are of some use to you. I will miss BJ and all the fun we had. I can't help but smile when I think of the stories and it is so hard to accept that he has gone. I cant bear to think how much Lorna and the boys must be missing him.

When your album is complete, I would love the opportunity to see it sometime. Please keep in touch.

Ross McKelvey

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From: Steve Duncan
Sent: 16 January 2003 18:20
To: darryl@banjax.com
Subject: How are you

Hi Darryl

How is everyone. I am back in Iran and today I went to Kish. I went down to the Beach and said a last goodbye. The guys are having a nice plaque made and it will sit on a nice patio at the scuba club. It will read Brian Collins a dear friend gone but never forgotten. A very true sentiment. I have been thinking for days what to write to you about Brian. I have so many lovely memories of a great guy. i will sit over the next few days and try and write it down. It is still hard to take in. All the guys keep asking me about him and how the funeral went. All I can think about is Lorna and the boys.

Please pass on to Lorna that i am thinking about her and the boys. Ross and Fred want me to come over in April to play in a golf weekend that the had with Brian. I could never fill his shoes but I think I will come over just to see everyone again and be able to walk the fairways he loved.

Take Care

Give my best to everyone and I will speak to you soon


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From: Ruszka, Jon
Sent: 17 January 2003 12:24
To: 'darryl@banjax.com'
Subject: BJ - Fond Memories

I have very fond memories of BJ when we used to work together in Aberdeen. He was always a joy to be around - everyone loved him. One memory which seems so trivial but still brings a broad smile to my face was when we were sitting in a pub (The Prince of Wales) in Aberdeen catching up with what was going on. BJ decided he'd tell us this great joke he'd just heard. This joke was so brilliant however, he literally couldn't tell it for laughing every time he tried to start. This must have (literally) gone on for an hour before finally he managed to get through the whole thing. It sounds such a small thing, but that afternoon was just the best. That memory is firmly with me. It was just a small snippet of what BJ was good at - bringing such intense joy, laughter and happiness to just about every situation you could be in with him. Laughing with BJ was so easy. There are very few people who you come across as an adult who can make the tears roll down your cheeks with laughter. He is one of the most genuine, happy and friendly people I have had the pleasure of spending time with. He will be sadly missed by all who met him.

Jon Ruszka
Baker Hughes INTEQ
From: Gasmec@aol.com
Sent: 18 January 2003 19:21
To: memories@banjax.com
Subject: memory of Brian Collins

just to say how sorry we both are of your loss thinking of you and your extended family.
i look back kindly at the years i worked with brian at Niagara hot food bars and setting up the melting moments ice cream parlours,

a nicer person i have never had pleasure working with.
it can only be heavens gain.

john & helen platt
gasmec services

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From: Kenneth Barr
Sent: 19 January 2003 21:24
To: memories@banjax.com
Cc: Darryl Collins
Subject: Expression of Sympathy.

It was with deepest regret that I learned of Brian's death just yesterday from a mutual friend via Stephen Smith. It was just last year I ran into BJ for the first time in almost 20 years at Coleraine Rugby Club. We spent a couple of hours over a few pints catching up on the news. Remencising about the parties in his house and in Simon's down the hill and in Bud`s (Stephen Boyd) across the road. At that time I lived with my parents in Riverside Dr. We recalled a particular party at Simons house when a couple of us were sitting on the front steps when your Dad arrived, I asked in not to polite terms who drove the red Jag to which the reply was " I do what of it: " to which I replied " It's a really nice car and I'm going home now" Both BJ and I had a good laugh at that, I think both Simon and Stu McDowell were also there at the time.

I am grateful now to have had this chance to spend time with a man who I considered a friend, and a really decent human being.

Darryl Please extend my sincere sympathy to all the family and give my regards to any of the gang you still see.

Kenneth Barr, Formerly of 25 Riverside Dr Lisburn.
( Kenny)