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Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland



Hundreds expected to attend �1 Way�

Hundreds are expected to attend �1 Way� - a night for young people of this generation, which will be held in the Lagan Valley Leisureplex, Lisburn on Saturday 29th April at 8.00pm.

�1 Way� is an Initiative of �Crown Jesus Ministries� and is the vehicle they use to reach the youth generation for Jesus Christ.  It is a movement that encourages young people to be everything they can be for God and except that life is best lived God�s way. There will be a band, drama and dance team from churches across Northern Ireland and the CJM believe that these teams of young people are God� teams and they have a challenging and fresh message to share at the '1 Way' events.  So, come and join with hundreds of others at Lisburn Leisureplex who believe there is only �1 way� to live and �1 way� to Heaven - through Jesus.