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Childrenís Day Service at Dundrod Presbyterian Church

The minister, the Rev Angus Stewart and Sunday School teachers pictured at the Childrenís Day Service at Dundrod Presbyterian Church on Sunday 18th June.  L to R: Sarah Farling, Laura McCartney, Olive Bell, Gillian McKinstry, Don McCartney, Muriel McCartney, Roy McDowell - Superintendent, Wilfie Johnston, Nora McClenaghan, Patricia Calvert and the Rev Angus Stewart.

Dundrod Presbyterian Church held their annual Childrenís Day Service on Sunday 18th June.  The minister, the Rev Angus Stewart welcomed the congregation and visitors and gave the call to worship.  The childrenís choir, accompanied by Olive Bell on piano, sang - Talk to Jesus, How I look to Jesus, Godís Building a House, Iím Gonna Click, We Love the Lord, Iíll Wave my Hands and God the Father made all things.  Sarah McDowell, Nora McClenaghan and Matthew McKinstry offered prayers; Hannah Johnston, Adam Kennedy, Nicole Bell, Sarah Carson and Neil Johnston read the Scripture lessons; and Victoria Bell, Thomas McDowell, Craig McComb and Megan Irvine took up the offering. 

A member of the congregation, David Dunlop, an Irish League Referee, chose a World Cup theme for his talk.  He spoke about the importance of all the World Cup Football Teams playing by the rules and also the importance for us to play to Godís rules Ė the Ten Commandments; and how God sent Jesus to teach us how to live our lives properly and to live life to the full.