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Young people at Focus are urged to � �Live a Life of Worship�

Matt Craig

Matt Craig

First Lisburn Presbyterian Church was the venue for last Saturday night�s meeting of the popular monthly youth event - Focus.  Following a barbeque held at the front of this city centre church, nearly 100 young people gathered in the church building for the last meeting of Focus prior to the summer break.  Matt Craig, Youth Worker at First Lisburn, welcomed the young people and introduced the theme for the evening - �Live a Life of Worship�.  Matt said that Focus, which is normally held in a church hall, was meeting for worship tonight in one of the oldest churches in Lisburn.  He explained that people have met for worship in First Lisburn Presbyterian Church since 1688 and in the present building since 1768.  He went on to emphasise the need to worship God not just in a traditional church building like First Lisburn but, - at work, at leisure and in our everyday life.  In an interview with Stephen Auld (Youth Worker at Elmwood and a former under 19 International rugby player) Matt further emphasised the need to live a life of worship - even on the sports field.

Clare Norris, Jonny Mills and musicians from local churches led the lively praise and the band played quietly as Mark Robinson read a portion of Scripture.  Guest speaker Philip Kerr, an evangelist from Crown Jesus Ministries, gave a challenging and practical closing address to the young people as he continued on the �Live a Life of Worship� theme.