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Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland



About 76 young people and leaders take part in StreetReach

Lisburn Elim and Elmwood Presbyterian Church was the base for about 76 young people and youth leaders involved in StreetReach last week.  Co-ordinated by Captain John O�Neill of the Church Army and Supported by Crown Jesus Ministries, the event, held from Thursday 20th to Saturday 22nd April allowed young people from 19 Lisburn churches to give a practical demonstration of God�s love in the local community.

Each morning the whole team met for tea/coffee, prayers, worship and inspirational teaching at Lisburn Elim before leaving divided into two teams for three days of community work in Hillhall and Ballymacash.  The Hillhall team was under the leadership of Keith Mitchell and Gareth Murphy - CJM and Matt Craig - First Lisburn.  The team lifted rubbish, painted fences, tidied up gardens and the tow-path, cleared and weeded a large bank in the estate planting it out in new shrubs and flowers.

The Ballymacash Team, based at Elmwood Presbyterian Church, was under the leadership of Philip Kerr - CJM and Stephen Auld - Elmwood.  The team painted out the graffiti in the subway at the entrance to Ballymacash replacing it with a colourful Lisburn StreetReach �06 logo.  They also tidied up gardens and grass areas, painted fences and gave the area a general clean up. 

Many of the local residents remarked positively regarding the excellent work that was carried out by the young people and leaders on behalf of the churches throughout Lisburn.

Captain John O�Neill - Church Army (left in second row), Philip Kerr (6th from left in back row), Gareth Murphy (right in second row) and Keith Mitchell - CJM (right in front row) pictured with local church leaders and some of the StreetReach team about to leave for the last of 3 days community work in Hillhall and Ballymacash.

Keith Lunn - First Lisburn, Gareth Murphy - CJM, Matt Craig - First Lisburn, Andrew Maze - St Paul�s and Andrew Donaldson - Kingdom Life and the Hillhall team pictured at a large bank in the estate that they weeded and tidied up and planted out in new shrubs and flowers.

Stephen Auld - Elmwood Youth Worker (front centre) pictured with the Ballymacash team at the subway at Ballymacash where they painted out the graffiti with white paint replacing it with the colourful Lisburn StreetReach �06 logo shown.

Leaders involved in last week�s StreetReach L to R: (back row) Philip Kerr - CJM, Captain John O�Neill - Church Army, Stephen Auld, Matt Craig, Andrew Donaldson, Craig McConnell, Keith Lunn, William Duncan and Gareth Murphy - CJM.  (front row) Ashley Parks, Gillian Walker, Roberta Cowan, David Acheson, Kylie Duncan, Louise Monroe, Lynn Acheson and Laura Best.

David McKechnie, David Morrison and Timothy Whan hard at work in a garden at Ballymacash.