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Holiday Bible Club ‘Pyramid Rock’ at Trinity Methodist Church

Shirley Carrington (left - second row) and Kingsley Armstrong (left - front row) pictured with the team of helpers that led the Holiday Bible Club at Trinity Methodist Church on Monday 14th – Friday 18th August.

A Holiday Bible Club called - ‘Pyramid Rock’ was held at Trinity Methodist Church each afternoon and evening on Monday 14th - Friday 18th August for children aged 7 - 11 years old.  The theme ‘Pyramid Rock’ was based on the story of Joseph, and the speaker was Kingsley Armstrong.  The programme, led by Shirley Carrington and a team of helpers from the church included - Bible stories, songs, games, crafts and loads of fun.  The final event for the Holiday Bible Club was when the children and leaders took part in a lively informal family service in the church last Sunday morning giving parents the opportunity to see what the children had been doing and learning during the week.