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Week of special meetings at Knocknadona Hall

Knocknadona Gospel Fellowship will be holding a week of special meetings in Knocknadona Hall from Sunday 25th February to Sunday 4th March at 8.30 on Sunday evenings and weeknights at 8.00 (there will no meeting on Saturday evening).  The speaker, Pastor David Legge (Iron Hall, Belfast) will speak on the topic 'The Holy War' (a study from Ephesians 6 on the Christian's armour).

Sunday 25th February:  'The Christian Warrior's Brief'.
Monday 26th February: 'The belt of truth and the breast-plate of righteousness'.
Tuesday 27th February: 'The shoes of the gospel and the shield of faith'.
Wednesday 28th February: 'The helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit'.
Thursday 1st March: 'Constant prayer'.
Friday 2nd March: 'Varied prayer'.
Sunday 4th March: 'Spirit-led supplication and strategy'. 

The singers on the Sunday nights will be Jonathan Jackson and Heaven Bound.  Please come and bring a friend.