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Churchgoers asked to help finance a book on Lisburn’s Churches

Councillor Ronnie Crawford Lisburn Mayor     Jeffrey Donaldson Lagan Valley MP
Councillor Ronnie Crawford
Lisburn Mayor  
Jeffrey Donaldson
Lagan Valley MP

With the support of the Mayor, Councillor Ronnie Crawford and Lagan Valley MP, Jeffrey Donaldson MLA, local churches’ writer John Kelly hopes to launch a book in May/June 2009 on Lisburn’s Churches entitled ‘Lisburn’s Rich Church Heritage’ marking both the 400th anniversary of the founding of Lisburn and the 150th anniversary of the 1859 Revival. The book gives a brief history of all 132 churches and places of worship in the Lisburn City area and shows approx 450 colour photographs taken at various church events over the past 4-5 years. Proceeds from the book will be in aid of the Mayor’s charity - Diabetes UK

John has managed to secure some of the £3,450 needed to publish the book thanks to a grant from Lisburn City Council and generous donations from House of Vic-Ryn, Greens Food Fare, Hallmark, McCalls Menswear, Oasis Travel, Smyth Patterson Ltd and Vic-Ryn Café. As he is still short of the amount needed for publication, John has emailed clergy, Orange Lodges and other Christian organisations in the Lisburn area requesting that they would help him raise the additional funding required by pre-purchasing say 20 books at £5 each (£100); 10 books at £5 each (£50); 5 books at £5 each (£25) - or simply to make a donation of about £25 to £100. John has been pleased with the response so far but you too can help him ensure that the additional funding required for publication if you pre purchase a copy (£5) from your minister or office bearers on or before Palm Sunday (5th April).

Book cover
Book cover