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Local man encourages people to support his Christian charity

MalawiLISBURN man Victor Garrett is encouraging local people to help people working in Malawi by supporting his charity, Visioncraft.

Visioncraft is a Faith Based Organisation working with local people based in the Dedza district in central Malawi, and is supported by Vision International Ministries from Northern Ireland

Visioncraft Malawi was established following Victor's motorcycle marathon through Africa in support of orphan projects in Uganda in 1995.

In 1997 the African center was opened in the cellars of Regent House in Newtownards and returning the sale proceeds to support various charities and local church projects mainly in East Africa.

A strong bond has been built over the years and the work of Visioncraft Malawi has been recognised by The Malawi Government and by all the local SsChief and village heads and local churches.

Nadazi school, which means belonging to the people, has recently been completed with around 900 hundred children in attendance, app 25 percent of these being orphaned.

A feeding programme is now ongoing in the local villages supporting the most venerable orphans and other children with food clothing medication and spiritual guidance.

A new school has just been commenced in Machembo Kausway which is a very isolated area with around 500 children who have never been to school. There is also no Christian witness and extreme poverty . A building will be erected as soon as possible with the support of friends in Northern Ireland which will be used as a school and Christian outreach center and for the various uses of the community.

Land has been provided by the senior Chief and village heads in Ntakataka for new buildings for a computer college and vocational skills. Also orphan homes and feeding center and various outreach activities to be headed by local pastors.

"This area of Malawi is dreadfully poor and has many problems but the people are incredibly resilient and optimistic. We could even learn from them," explained Victor.

"We thank God tor what has been accomplished over the past few years and even though things are very difficult just now we have a shared vision for the coming days and are looking forward to great things because we believe that God has given us this vision and we are ever mindfull of the wee Bible verse on which Visioncraft is founded."

If you would like more information or would be interested to help in any way please contact Victor Garrett on 07850354108, email of write to Vision Int Ministries, Regent House .Regent Street, Newtownards. BT 23 4AD.

All profits from sales of African art and also the bespoke sofas, furniture , grandfather clocks etc. go to support the work of Visioncraft Malawi and to other Christian charities.

Being born in Lisburn , going to school and being in business in Lisburn as well as Newtownards Victor retired from Gregstown Furniture in 2000 to concentrate on the work in Africa and would like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement over the years.,

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