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Discover the Jewish roots of Christianity at Mount Zion

Mount Zion community church, Gregg Street, Lisburn.DANIEL Nessim, the executive director for Chosen People Ministries UK (a ministry for Jewish people in the UK) will be the guest speaker this Sunday, April 10, in Mount Zion community church, Gregg Street, Lisburn. Mr. Nessim will explore the Jewish roots of the Christian faith by taking people on a journey of discovery into the Old Testament.

For the morning service, which starts at 11.30am, Mr. Nessim will develop the topic: "Messiah in the Jewish Feasts". This particular interactive message is designed to open up the Old Testament and the Jewish calendar; the feasts required by the Old Testament, all these pointing out to Jesus — the Messiah.

The evening service, which starts at 6.30pm, will open up the topic: "Messiah in the Passover Meal" which will involve the whole congregation by taking part in the meal provided. Every element of the Passover meal has a great symbolism.

Daniel Nessim lives in London with his wife Deborah and son Samuel.

He is an accomplished speaker who has spoken extensively in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Israel.

Everyone is welcome to go and join the church. Refreshments will be provided for the evening service.

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