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Jenny Munro talks to Will Devlin

Will DevlinWILL Devlin is the General Manager of the Point Bar and Grill in Lisburn.

He is a former professional car racer but due to injury he had to give up racing. He set up a go-kart track, which he sold before going into the food and drink industry. Will lives in the Nutts Corner area with his fianc�e.

I wake at 7am and arrive most days in Lisburn for 8.30am. The first thing I do is to have a cup of coffee. I check emails and the sales figures for the day before and then I email them off to head office. I draft an analysis of the week ahead and work out what stock will be required.

As General Manager 1 am responsible for the successful running of the Point and for the staff who work alongside me.

I am also going to be managing The Harbour Point in Carrickfergus, which opens soon, so I am extremely busy ensuring the successful running of the Point in Lisburn and getting things ready in new restaurant. During the Managers' meeting on a Monday morning I plan for the week ahead and discuss the previous week.

I try to utilise myself as much as possible as there is an array of things to be done each day.

I check the menus with the chef and decide what the daily specials will be. I put reports together on how everything is progressing from the restaurant to the bar to the entertainment side of things.

I like to be on the restaurant floor as much as possible as I think that it's good to interact with the customers.

I enjoy meeting and greeting and chatting with the customers. This is a great way of getting feedback about the food and service. Customer care is extremely important in this industry. I am always striving to ensure we offer a complete dining and entertainment experience.

I liase regularly with my senior management team at the restaurant and with the area Manager of the Diamond group Tim O'Connor and discuss general issues.

I go over forthcoming promotional offers and incentives with reps from the food and drinks industry and organise entertainment. We have a comprehensive entertainment programme offering a quiz and karaoke during the week, with a disco on Friday and Saturday nights, complemented by live music on Sundays. I like to be well organised and have the entertainment planned a least a month in advance.

My job involves quite a lot of administrator work too. I try to do this during the quieter periods of the day.

Sometimes I work until 8 or 9 o'clock Before I finish I have a briefing with the Duty Manager.

I'll drive back home and have dinner with my partner. In the evening I spend half an hour planning the day ahead and checking my emails once again. I am dedicated to my job.

My partner is due to give birth very soon to our first child and we are building a new home which should be ready in June so have a lot to do in the evenings in preparation for the birth and making sure the house is ready. When I have the time I do enjoy socialising with my fiancé and friends

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