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Jenny Munro talks to Nicola Greene

Nicola GreeneNICOLA Greene, 33, is the General Manager of Lisburn Golf Club. She lives in Waringstown and has worked at the local course for over a year.

Having grown up with a father who is a keen golfer she is used to the golfing environment. Before going into managing golf clubs she worked as an operations manager and says she hasn't looked back..

I wake up at 7.30am, have breakfast and get ready for work. I am normally at the club at.9am but this will vary depending on whether or not a big event is taking place or if I've been working late the previous night.

Once I am in my office I go through emails and post and check over my list of things to be done. I regularly hold a Managers' meeting where I speak to the managers from the different sectors within the club.

This gives me a good idea of how everything is running and keeps me up-to-date with all current issues. It could take up to an hour.

Usually my first appointment is at 10am. I might be speaking to someone who is interested in booking a corporate day or hiring a room for a party and sometimes members come in to see me too. We host conferences, product launches. press releases, seminars, interviews and business meetings.10am and 3pm are the slots I like to keep free for appointments.

As General Manager I look after the marketing side of things.

I draw up the fixture lists and organise competitions as well as getting sponsors on board.

It is my responsibility to make sure everything is set in place for a big event. I have a huge business contact list and the members' support is brilliant so it isn't too difficult to sort out sponsorship.

When a special event is taking place I contact the sponsors to remind them to bring along their advertising boards and I'll liaise carefully with them about what will be happening.

We do have a lot of events at the club. Captain's week is the biggest one and the final big captain's day kicks off with a champagne breakfast.

I manage the event and make sure everything runs smoothly as possible. This has become very successful and attracts a lot of interest.

There is also a great deal of paperwork involved in my job.

I work out the VAT return every quarter and this is something I hate doing.

I have the human resources side of things to think about as well and I like to get staff updates and liaise with them on a regular basis.

I have to report to the club Council too. There is a meeting on the last Monday of every month.

I prepare for this by writing a list of everything that is currently going on and I'll provide a brief on the operational side of things too.

Going to social events at the club is something I do as well. It is a very social job and you definitely need good PR skills. You could say I am like an ambassador for the club. If I have no meetings or events taking place I leave at 5.30pm and head home.

I like to chill out and do some housework and watch TV some evenings and twice a week I try to go to the gym.

At the weekends I spend time at my boyfriend's home in Groomsport - this is a lovely way to relax and end a normally busy week.

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