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Weeds thrive in this weather

THE rain can't hold out much longer, can it?
At least now most days the rain only lasts half a day instead of all day, so there's hope for us all.

What grows best in warm, wet weather ?
You've guessed it; weeds!

Weedkillers can be applied up to September, as when weeds are actively growing they can easily absorb chemicals. What better time to tackle the green enemy than this Bank Holiday weekend?
With the twelfth falling on Friday this year we've got a nice extended weekend to look forwards to, so there's no excuses.

Perhaps the most obvious places to start weeding are drives, paths, and patios. You really can't avoid it, you see the weeds every day even if you just get into your car.

Pathclear containing chemicals such as simazine, amitrole, paraquat and diquat work well. Simazine stops emerging seedlings germinating, amitrole works on the roots, while the other two are contact action weedkillers, which will work within 24 hours now, maybe 36 hours later on.

The next most obvious weeds really are the annual ones, easily killed by Weedol, which stimulates the plant to produce hydrogen peroxide. Weeds turn brown within 4 days, collapsing within the week.

The good news is that it can be applied around trees without damaging bark, it can be put around herbaceous plants to control weeds without disturbing the soil, even killing suckers without damaging the plant. Even better news is that Weedol and any other preparation containing diquat and paraquat clears an area before laying turf or sowing seed. So if this gets done now maybe in a couple of weeks time when we are basking in sunshine all the weeds will be gone. Ah well we can live in hope! By the way France and Italy are enjoying a heat wave at the moment.
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