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 Clean up those slippy slabs

WITH wet, cold weather ahead, work around the garden will slow down, although there is still a lot to be finished.

Slimy, slippery surfaces such as paths and drives are a danger on a wet day, so take action now and scrub or power-wash the slabs clean before someone gets hurt.

If soil conditions are wet, sticky and unsuitable to work in, heel-in bare root roses or keep them in a frost-free shed until the soil is workable.

Always keep bare root plants moist and never allow them to dry out until properly planted.

Protect tender plants from frost and cold winds this month, either under glass or give them winter protection using materials such as straw, loose woven hessian or dead leaves.

Cuttings of your most valued plants can be taken now and brought under glass.

Plant winter flowering heathers in groups to give a splash of colour through the winter months. Heathers may also be interplanted with spring bulbs such as crocus.

Outside garden lighting has both a practical and decorative effect, with a wide range of types and styles to choose from.

If you have never given outside lighting a thought, think again. Safety is one of the most important considerations. For instance, you and your visitors need to be able to find their way to the front door on a dark night.

Lighting is especially important here if there are steps or obstacles, such as low walls or overhanging shrubs.

With outside lighting, you can also illuminate features around the garden such as trees, ornaments, ponds and rockeries. Try low voltage light sets as these are ideal for lighting up paths and steps.