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Tidy up for spring

IT'S great to get out on a fine day and enjoy a tidy up around the garden in preparation for spring!

Drains may be dug to cope with waterlogged areas and repairs to outdoor structures and pathways carried out.

Remove seedling weeds in flower beds and apply a top dress of home produced compost or wood chippings to improve the soil condition and reduce water loss later in the season.

Prepare seed beds in the vegetable garden when conditions permit for early sowings.

Other jobs to be getting on with around the garden include planting bare root and root balled plants such as thorn quicks, privet and oak, as weather conditions permit.

Terracotta pots and containers may be vulnerable to frost damage so it would be advisable to empty them and store under cover. Alternatively, they can be wrapped in sacking until the risk of frost has passed.

This is a good time to mend garden structures and tools. Replace broken stakes and ties on trees, point up broken paving, stone walls and concrete paths. Repair damaged fences, posts and pergolas - they need to be secure enough to withstand strong winds.

Always keep the glass house clean and tidy. Clear out all the plants and give the glass, benches, floors, etc, a good scrub down, removing algae, moss and debris. which will harbour many pests.

The date is set and preparations are already being made for this year's Horticultural Lecture of The Year which will be held in the Lagan Valley Island, Lisburn, on Wednesday, March 5, starting at 7.30pm.

This year's speaker, Nigel Colbourn, will be speaking on colour and creative planting.

Nigel Colbourn is no stranger to most people with an interest in gardening. His appearances on television and a long running contribution to Gardeners' Question Time on radio have frequently brought him into our homes. He has also lectured in Northern Ireland in the past.

Nigel is a judge at the annual Chelsea Flower Show and has also been a national judge in the 'Britain in Bloom' competition for several years.

For further information contact Eric on 028 4062 3890.