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Get ready for the summer

NOW'S the time to stop talking about those well laid plans to spruce up your garden and get down to action.

No matter what you have in mind; no matter how big or how small, make sure your good intentions don't just remain good intentions.

And if you're in the mood to ring the changes but not sure how to ring them don't forget expert advice is always at hand.

Why not take a stroll round the host of home improvement stores and garden centres to gather a few fresh ideas?

Gardening is one of the most popular pastimes in Northern Ireland and there are a host of high quality, value for money centres to cater for our every need. One of the most simple ways to bring. some floral delight to your home is to erect hanging baskets.


These highly decorative adornments add an enduring touch of style at little cost, providing they are properly looked after.

Your basket should be sited in the full sun and if possible sheltered from strong winds. Warm winds will dry out your baskets very quickly.

You will also require brackets that are secured firmly with long screws; a full watered basket can weigh many pounds.

A few hours in the garden can be hard work but there is no reason to snake it any harder than it should be. A good workman always makes sure his tools are good enough and big enough for the job in hand. There is no shortage of shops stocking the latest range of gardening implements including power driven mowers, ride-ons, strimmers, hedge trimmers and chainsaws.


And if what you need to make sure the job gets done properly is hitting you too hard in the pocket why not consider hiring?

If, however, you hate the thought of tackling tasks that you've been putting off for months now why not pay someone to do if for you.

Because sometimes it pays to let the experts loose while you put your feet up.