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Key to a good tidy garden

MAINTENANCE is the key to a good tidy garden.

Routine lawn and border care is essential but growing plants need attention -whether it be staking, trimming back to size or spraying for pest control.

Throughout the summer there are many garden tasks. Stake early flowering lilies, such as lilium regale and martagon with canes or purpose made supporting wires.

Keep a look out for green fly as a serious attack may disfigure flowering trumpets. Pests and diseases can be even more trouble.

Aphids, moulds and mildew multiply more quickly and spread very fast in warm weather. Keep up a weekly spraying routine to ensure a healthier garden.


Continue to tie in vigorous growth on climbing plants such as clematis, roses and wisteria on walls, fences and pergolas to prevent strong winds pulling them from their supports. Trim back spent flowering shoots of deutzia, lilac and broom. This will encourage strong new growth to ripen for next year.

If you are growing senscio mainly for the effect of its silver foliage cut out the flower buds as soon as they appear in order to keep the leaves finer and the plant bushier.

As the warmer months approach, hopefully, prepare the patio or courtyard for barbecues. Arrange pots, troughs and baskets allowing plenty of space for outdoor living.

Hanging baskets and window boxes are popular features during the summer and trailing fuchsias, geraniums, petunias and lobelia are especially good and provide a fine display. When positioning the baskets or window boxes make sure that brackets from which they hang are strong.

Little maintenance is required other than liberal waterings, feeding and dead heading flowers to maintain a fresh, attractive appearance right into October.