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Check for tree damage

with Clive Sullivan of Cameron Landscapes and Ballylesson Garden Centre.

SEASONAL tips - watch out far damage on tress about now -

Cherry trees can get blossom wilt. where the flowers and leaves drop turn brown and fall off accompanied by browning of the stem

This should be treated by pruning off the affected spurs then spraying about now with a systemic fungicide containing carbendazim. This will help next year's flowers to last longer.

Also about now when we staff shimming again: sometimes the unkindest cut of all as far as the tree is concerned is that close shave at the bottom of the trunk

Leave a gap around the base either cut the grass away from a couple of feet around the trunk or grow some low ground cover shrubs that don t need shimming.

You could plant Sedum matting (looks outstanding under Acers) or maybe Hebe pinguifolia pagei. very tough evergrey foliage with White flowers

If you have bamboos recently planted. try adding horse manure to give them a boost. and don't forget to water them well in the first year.

Their dense roof system needs a fair bit of water. but they are fairly robust plants once established and if they lose some foliage. will quickly make up for this

Now is also a good time to lightly prune Cytisus or common broom, as the flowering comes to an end.

Give it a good haircut and not only will the flowers be better next year but the shrub will stay bushy and compact. For the same reason you could do the same with Camellias and Lithospermum 'Heavenly Blue. easily the countrys favourite Alpine plant.

Watering is now absolutely critical for bedding and hanging basket development. Too much and you get botryfis (grey fluffy mould on leaves) and too little and your flowers will just die. Despite the recent deluges you d be. surprised how much rain doesn't penetrate the foliage to the soil.

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