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Anahilt's new website promises the end of the lost note home


The launch of Anahilt Primary School's new Web Site. Pictured are Carol Shields, Derek Capper, Principal, Cherith Moffitt, youngest pupil and Wallace Beatty, one of the oldest ex-pupils. US02-530JC STAFF and pupils of Anahilt Primary School began the New Year with a bang as they launched their brand new website this week.

The launch on Monday, was attended by Mr Wallace Beatty, one of the oldest known former pupils of the school, and Cherith Moffitt, the youngest pupil in P1, who performed the opening launch.

Anahilt teacher Mrs Marion Poots, who was also a pupil at the school, was also in attendance to support her father Wallace Beatty.

The site was designed by, a company specialising in the design of primary school websites.

Members of the Board of Governors, Officers from the SEELB, former members of staff, office bearers of the PTA and members of the school marketing group attended the launch.

The children at the school were able to log on to the site in their classrooms at the same time.

Principal, Mr Derek Capper, said, "It is important to ensure schools utilise the potential of ICT not only in the educational process but also to keep parents and others aware of developments within the school.

"In the past our previous website was visited by the parents of potential pupils who lived overseas and were returning to live in the Anahilt area.

"A new feature the school is introducing is an email alert to parents to inform them when a new circular hasbeen issued and therefore published on the web.

"Parents who subscribe to this facility can then ensure that they see a copy that is often lost by the children or discovered in a crumpled state at the bottom of the school bag. Ideally in the future I can envisage the time when most communication with parents will be done electronically."

The school has re-branded itself in the past year and thanks to parent Alan Davison, of Positive Design in Belfast, the school logo has been updated.

The original Irish name of Anahilt was Eanachelte � meaning marsh of the doe - and this has been incorporated into the website, by following the 'doe's' paws visitors to the website can take a virtual tour of the school.

An important part of the site is its child friendliness with links to other sites of interest to children of primary school age.

Mr Capper said, "A key feature of the content is the amount of children's work that can be viewed. Photographs of the children participating in a wide range of activities demonstrates to some extent the broad education that children who attend the school can benefit from."

The school launched a new, full colour Prospectus in 2005. Much of the content of this is also included in the site.

The launch of the site was timed so that use could be made of the newly installed interactive whiteboard. The school Parent Teacher Association had provided this.

The address for the school website is

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