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Now broadcasting live from Lisburn

LISBURN'S new radio station, BFBS Lisburn, hit the airwaves in style this week as two local children flicked the switch and became the first voices on the air at 10.06am on Monday morning.

Megan Dunlop from Largymore Primary who celebrated her sixth birthday on Monday, and Ceri McNelly from Harmony Hill Primary had the honour of officially launching the new local radio station, which is now broadcasting throughout Lisburn on 100.6FM,

BFBS Lisburn has-been three years in the making and everyone who attended the launch clay agreed that it was great achievement for the city of Lisburn.

Station Manager, Chris Pearson, who has had more than one sleepless night preparing for the launch, said he was thrilled to finally be on the air.

"The launch went really well," said Chris. "I am really happy with how it all went and it is great to see so many people turning up to support us.

"I had a bit of a sleepless night before it but I am relieved it went so well.

"We have been working towards this for three years. Sometimes we thought we would never get there but it is great to be on the air.

"The development of the station will he an organic process; it will become what the listeners want it to become.

"We are hoping everyone will get in touch with us and take ownership of the station. At the end of the day this is their station, it is the voice of the community," he added.

Charles Foster, Controller of BFBS worldwide, is delighted that BFBS is now live on FM. "This is the first permanent BFBS station on FM in the UK and we hope it will be the first of many," he said.

BFBS Lisburn's DJs will soon become familiar voices in the city and each of them are very excited to be part of the new station.

Rebecca Lewis, who takes the helm on the drive time show from 5pm-7pm, commented: "This is a really exciting opportunity to be part of. We are hoping the community will really get involved so pick up the phone and give us a ring."

Native to Lisburn, Jonny Ferguson, will make the drive to work more bearable each morning. "We are here for the people of Lisburn. It really is an interactive station and we want people in Lisburn to really get involved."

Rachel Cochrane and George Ellis are also eager to hit the FM airwaves and get the people of Lisburn involved in the station.

Eddie Castle, who will take you through the working day from 10am until 1pm, launched the station with his show on Monday morning. "I was delighted to be the first DJ when the FM station launched on Monday," said Eddie. "We are the number one station for Lisburn and for me interaction really is the buzz word.

"We need people to take ownership of the station and we are really looking forward to people getting in ouch with us. We are part of the community and we are giving the community a voice."

To find out more about BIBS Lisburn log mitt) or email If you are in Oterested in getting involved at the new station contact Chris in the office on 9226 6688 or if you Kant to request a song and get yourself on air call the studio line on 9226 6666.

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