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Last of the Castlemen keeps tradition alive

Andrew Carlisle takes up his duties. US25-740SP

Andrew Carlisle takes up his duties. US25-740SP

A TRADITION dating back over 300 years has been maintained with the appointment of Andrew Carlisle from Ballynahinch as Bugler at Hillsborough Fort.

Andrew was appointed by the Marquis of Downshire as a sole representative of the Hillsborough Guard.

It continues a tradition dating back to the reign of Charles II who made Hillsborough a Royal Fort, and appointed Arthur Hill to be Hereditary Constable, with the responsibility of maintaining 20 armed men. They were known as `The Castlemen' but now there is just one, a bugler, who keeps the tradition and dresses in the distinctive uniform.

Hillsborough Fort was built about 1630. It has been extensively altered since then but the original outline can still be seen.

Among the bugler's traditional tasks is to blow the 'Fall-in' at the Square at eleven o'clock on Sunday morning and attend Morning Prayer.

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