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Mayor looking forward to busy year in office


The new Mayor, Councillor Trevor Lunn, with his wife Laureen. US26-861SP

The new Mayor, Councillor Trevor Lunn, with his wife Laureen.

LISBURN'S new first citizen, Councillor Trevor Lunn, is looking forward to his year as the city's Mayor after serving his "apprenticeship" last year as Deputy Mayor.

He will have a momentous year ahead of him as, not only has he become Lisburn's Mayor, but he is also celebrating his 60th birthday this week and his 35th wedding anniversary in August.

Mr Lunn was first elected to represent Lisburn Town North in 2001. He joined the Alliance Party in 1993 and stood for election three times before being elected. Since then he has made his seat one of the safest in the city.

He said he had thoroughly enjoyed his time as one of the busiest Deputy Mayors Lisburn has ever had.

"Thanks to the good offices of Jonathan Craig, I was able to serve a very useful apprenticeship as Deputy Mayor, which was invaluable," said Mr Lunn.

"I was probably one of the busiest Deputy Mayors for some years but at the end of the day I was only doing what the Mayor asked of me.

"I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am hoping to enjoy my time as Mayor just as much." Despite only having been in the top post for

a few days, Mr Lunn has already got a taste of what the year ahead will hold.

"I was very busy over my first weekend in office," he said. "I was at the Down Royal Races on Saturday, I attended the RAMS open day at the Fire Station and then I attended the Mayor's Installation Dinner at Belfast City Hall on Saturday evening. On Sunday I attended two Somme commemoration ceremonies.

"My wife has also had a taste of what is to come and I know she is very much looking forward to assisting me."

The new Mayor, Councillor Trevor Lunn, and the deputy Mayor, Councillor Jim Tinsley. US26-862SP

The new Mayor, Councillor Trevor Lunn, and the deputy Mayor, Councillor Jim Tinsley. US26-862SP

Looking forward to the year ahead, Mr Lunn said there are a number of developments in the city that he is eager to see progress.

"In terms of economic development, I want to try to continue the good work that has already been done," he said.

"I am very much in favour of John Lewis at Sprucefield and I am looking forward to further progress being made at the Maze. I am also keen to see progress in the developments at Blaris and Young Street.

"I am still Chairman of the Historic Quarter Partnership and I think it is important not to lose sight of our history," he added.

Mr Lunn also said he intended to continue with initiatives instigated by the previous Mayor, Councillor Jonathan Craig, including cultivating relationships with community groups, implementing the government's `Shared Future' document, continuing with the volunteering awards and inviting schoolchildren into the Mayor's parlour to learn more about local government.

He added: "I am hoping that Lisburn City Council can set a standard of co-operation which will serve as an example to the community at large."

He concluded by thanking his colleagues for electing him.

"1 am grateful to my council colleagues for putting their trust in me for the year to come and I certainly hope to be the Mayor for everyone," he said.

"As far as I am concerned, once you attain the office of Mayor, you leave politics behind for a year and I will be available to any group or organisation that cares to ask me and there is no part of the city area that I would not attend if asked," he concluded.

Parkinson's Disease Association chosen as mayoral charity

LISBURN'S new Mayor, Councillor Trevor Lunn, has chosen the Parkinson's Disease Association as his Mayoral Charity for the year ahead.

The Lisburn branch of the charity has recently become a charitable group in its own right, after many years as a support group for the parent charity.

Explaining his reasons for choosing the charity, Mr Lunn said: "My charity for the year is the Parkinson's Disease Association. "There has been a support group in Lisburn for that charity for some years. At the same time I was considering a charity for the year they decided to set themselves up as a fully fledged group in their own right.

"I think it is a worthy cause and as a new charity in Lisburn I believe we tan help to get them off to a good start with money that will be used locally.

"Parkinson's Disease is a dreadful affliction and everyone knows someone who suffers from it.

"One of our former Councillors, Ned Falloon, has Parkinson's Disease and I feel it is a very appropriate charity," he concluded.

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