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Dromara man reaches new heights

Noel makes new attempt to climb Everest

DROMARA man Noel Hanna is scaling new heights as he prepares to climb the highest mountain in the world - Mount Everest.

Noel at the bottom of the climb
to North Col.

Noel and his team left for their mountainous adventure at the beginning of April and, if all goes well, they are hoping to reach the 29035ft summit within the next three weeks.

Last year Noel and his wife Lynne attempted to reach the formidable summit to raise money for charity. Unfortunately they had to abandon their attempt at 24000ft when Noel lost his sight due to retinal haemorrhaging. Now, with his eyesight restored, Noel decided to return to the mountain and fulfil his dream of scaling its mighty heights.

Noel has also been logging onto his web-site every couple of days to keep everyone updated on his progress so far.

Writing on Sunday April 30, Noel said: "I have arrived safely back down to Base Camp after spending last night at North Col.

"It was a restless night with strong winds and heavy snow shaking the tent all night. Even opening the tent zip to get in and out everything was white inside.

"I was hoping to take some pictures this morning before I left North Col but with the strong winds and heavy snow I did not want to take my gloves off.

"I will rest at Base Camp for three or four nights then return to IBC for one night and onto ABC for two nights.

"If everything goes to plan I will then climb to North Col for two nights and try to push to 7500/7700m for one day."

Noel's wife, Lynne, has been keeping in touch with her husband and has said that he is doing well and looking forward to completing his hefty task.

"He was very determined to return to the mountain and did so last month," explained Lynne. "So far he has been fine and his eyes have held out ok.

"He is now reaching a crucial stage from 7300m to 8848m, which is the summit, and he will do this in stages.

"He is hoping to reach the summit around May 21 and I will hopefully hear from him as soon as he makes it."

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