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Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland



American firefighters visit Museum

The American firefighters at Lisburn Museum.

The American firefighters at Lisburn Museum.

A GROUP of American firefighters visited Lisburn this week and appropriately called at the city's museum to view the current 'Great Fire of Lisburn' exhibition.

The party was made up of representatives of Fire Departments from various parts of the USA who share membership of the organisation 'Firefighters for Christ'.

During their time in Northern Ireland they are working alongside members of the Northern Ireland

Fire Service and sharing their experiences with local church congregations.

Chuck Hermann, from Rochester in Minnesota, spent Wednesday at Lisburn Fire Station.

He explained firefighters in the US are well paid and one of Firefighters for Christ's main aims is to help less fortunate members of society.

"For example we take part in construction projects such as putting a roof back on someone's house," he said. "Or we might buy groceries for people who cannot afford them." Chuck said he and his colleagues were very impressed with some of the practices they had witnessed during their time in Northern Ireland.

"For example the accountability system for air packs is something we do not have at home.

"It is a major improvement over what we have in the States," he added.

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