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Donna Grabs Her Second Chance



Donna Morrison

Donna Morrison

'Doctors thought was nearly dead and their medical opinion was to turn off the life support'

A LISBURN woman who suffered a brain injury and was left in a coma for four months after being knocked down when she was just 10 has written a heartfelt account of her recovery, encouraging others who have gone through a similar ordeal to embrace life and never give up hope.

Donna Morrison's story `A Second Chance', appeared in a recent copy of the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust's 'Brain Times' - a magazine for people with a brain injury and others interested in their recovery.

In her account Donna, 20, who was knocked down in the summer of 1997 and spent four months in a coma, speaks of the pain and fear she felt when she woke up in intensive care. She then takes the reader through her slow and emotional recovery.

"It was so humiliating. I felt like a baby all over again. I felt so alone, even with people floating about me," explained Donna. "I have a lot to be grateful for as the doctors thought I was nearly dead and their medical opinion was to turn off the life support. If it hadn't have been for another doctor saying no - I might not be here today to share my story," she continued.

Donna, who is originally from Luton, now lives a happy life with her boyfriend Sean, but a few years ago life wasn't as rosy. Coming to terms with her injuries and coping with the way people looked and treated her left the young woman depressed and frustrated.

She believes moving into a Simon Community Hostel helped her gain independence and a sense of worth and the support shown by her boyfriend and his family has been invaluable.

"I wrote the article as I wanted to share with all those people who think life isn't worth living, that you just never know what is round the corner. I still have problems talking and I limp when I'm tired or if it's cold outside and my left hand permanently shakes but it could have been a lot worse.

"Facing a near death experience I have realised life is a gift. Never waste it, live for the moment and seize the day."

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