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Even bone marrow transplant can't stop a girl enjoying some Easter egg


Georgia and her mum Debbie before the transplant

FIVE-year-old Georgia Cocking and her family will know next week if her body is accepting new bone marrow which will help cure her rare condition - Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia.

Georgia was able to enjoy an Easter Egg while undergoing a life saving bone marrow transplant two weeks ago at Bristol Hospital.

And next week her family will know if has been a success. Three months ago a world wide search to find a perfect bone marrow match by the Anthony Nolan Trust ended in success in the USA.

And since her transplant a fortnight ago Georgia has been surprising doctors with her remarkable recovery.

She had a slight setback on the day of her transplant when she was sick after becoming upset she could not be with her brother Liam who was waiting outside her isolation room.

But since then she has been astounding doctors with her progress. Even the vigorous courses of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and full body radiation have not got her down.

This week when her hair fell out she calmly told her mother she wanted a hat with horses on it to cover her head.

"Nothing has bothered her," said mum Debbie. "Obviously she would like to see her brother whom she misses but we are setting up a web cam so she can make contact with him. Last Monday she was down on herself but that was the affect of the drugs. She is bouncing.

"She is the one that keeps us going with her smiles and laughter. She really has helped us. If she is coping we can get through anything. We are not out of the woods yet and we are prepared to sit here in our little bubble until she gets better."

Debbie would like to thank everyone who has rung and texted her and all the support she has received.

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