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Local poet releases new collection


Drumbeg Church


Under the mild spell
of a moon made for lovers
the old church of Drumbeg
high on its yew-clumped hill
strikes an attitude.

Bats and planets circle the spire.
A lightning-rod draws to earth
mysteries greater than storms,
love older then Creation.

Robert Irwin's new book.

LISBURN poet, Robert Irwin, has recently published a new collection of his poetry, entitled 'Some Unmeasured Canaan'.

Robert, a former pupil of Drumbeg School and Lisburn Tech, has lived in Wales for many years but still retains close links with his former home town, where he also worked at the Benson Street office of the Orlit Building Firm.

Most of his poems are anchored in his working life, first as a Quantity Surveyor and later as a Presbyterian Minister.

Many of his poems include references to the Lisburn area, including 'Drumbeg Church', 'Drumbeg Legend', 'Homing Instinct' and 'Lagan'.

Discussing his latest collection of work, Robert said: "Canaans exist in many sizes, shapes and varieties. Some have definite geographical locations and boundaries; others may be experienced as spiritual entities.

"Many of the poems directly or indirectly reflect on person's approach to certain Canaan's of both types. "Most of these poems have been included in previous collections. However, a fair number of them have undergone various revisions and alterations of sequence.

"Sincere thanks are offered to Feather Books, and to those readers who have been kind enough to express their appreciation of some of my earlier work."

To order a copy of 'Some Unmeasured Canaan', contact Robert Irwin at 61 Penyfan Road, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, Wales, SA15 1JG.

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