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Minister backs council plans for Laganbank Quarter


Mayor Trevor Lunn and City centre Manager Patricia Elliott with Margaret Ritchie. US2007-526C0

Mayor Trevor Lunn and City centre Manager Patricia Elliott with Margaret Ritchie. US2007-526C0

Minister Margaret Ritchie in Lisburn City centre with MP Jeffrey Donaldson and Mayor Trevor Lunn. US2007-525C0

NEW Social Development Minister Margaret Ritchie has given her backing to council plans for the Laganbank Quarter of Lisburn.

During a visit last week she praised the efforts being made to regenerate Lisburn city centre and said it was 'a pleasure' to hear about 'the exciting plans which Lisburn City Council and the city centre management company have for the future'.

She backed the plans which she described as "ambitious" and confirmed the Department for Social Development will work with the Council to draw up and promote a Development Scheme for the Laganbank Quarter.

In 2005, Lisburn Council commissioned consultants to produce Development Frameworks for two

large areas with redevelopment potential on the south eastern side of Lisburn City Centre. Together, these are referred to as the Laganbank Quarter.

Development Schemes and could potentially produce very significant investment by the private sector in new retail, residential and commercial developments, possibly including a hotel.

It has been agreed the DSD and the Council will work together to put in place the necessary planning framework.

During her visit, Mrs Ritchie was also given a presentation on work that has been done to regenerate Bridge Street in the city's Historic Quarter and received a short tour of some of the regeneration projects DSD has supported in recent years.

She also welcomed to Northern Ireland a delegation from Carlisle City Council who are visiting Lisburn to learn about the city's Historic Quarter regeneration initiative.

The minister was met by the Mayor, Councillor Trevor Lunn, who said the council was delighted to welcome her to see first hand a series of leading city centre regeneration and development initiatives.

"We are moving forward now into a new phase of development, focusing on the city centre's public realm and our flagship Laganbank Quarter project" he said.

"The Council's plans for the city centre are ambitious, but deliverable - a successful partnership approach with the Department and Lisburn City Centre Management will be crucial in ensuring this delivery."

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