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Nerve damage doesn't deter drummer Allister

Allister Brown attempting to set a world record for drumming US3108-107AO

Allister Brown attempting to set a world record for drumming US3108-107AO

MAGHABERRY drummer Allister Brown is not letting suspected nerve damage to his right arm put him off attempting to smash the World Record for non-stop drumming.

The 30-year-old who previously held the record in 2003 after a 58 hour stint at the skins has continued to drum away at Musicmatters even after his right hand went numb.

Stephen McCloughlin of Music Matters says Allister is "doing good" and that a physiotherapist has been tending to him.

"He has had a tired period but he got through it and is back on track. We got a physio in and we are making sure he has plenty of water and ice for his arm. We hope he will manage to break the record by 10.30pm on Friday night."

The current record was set by American Link Logen last month and Allister aims to shatter it by playing for 100 hours.

His attempt got under way on Monday and as well as setting a new record he aims to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

To break the record he must play recognisable tunes and not repeat any song within four hours. For each hour he plays he is allowed a five minute break. Allister, a draughtsman for Fabrite Engineering, said it would be the last time he would undertake such a challenge.

"I'm trying to play left-handed right handed, one handed, whatever I can to get through it - feet, hands, everything gets going," he said.


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