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Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland


Cromwells True Blues banner and flag paraded for final time

The banner and flag of a once well known local Orange lodge was paraded through Lisburn city centre for what may well be the final time last Friday evening (18th April). The banner of �Cromwell�s True Blues LOL 354� was once a familiar sight at twelfth of July demonstrations, but when the lodge closed down because of lack of members the flag and banner passed into the hands of a private collector. When he put them up for sale on an internet auction site, a member of LOL 1981 spotted the items and spoke to fellow Orangemen about the possibility of buying them back. A bid was placed after financial support was offered by a local community worker and when the seller heard the items actually belonged to Lisburn Orange District he offered to sell them for the price he paid.

Parade organiser LOL 1981 issued an open invitation to former members of the lodge to take advantage of the opportunity to once again walk behind the banner they previously followed at countless July 12 demonstrations. Led by the Lisburn Fusiliers Flute Band the parade circled the Irish Linen Centre and Lisburn Museum returning back to the Orange Hall where the flag and banner were officially handed over to District officers.

Members of LOL 1981 would also like to hear from past members of Cromwell�s True Blues who may be in possession of minute books or documents belonging to the lodge as they feel some of these should also be presented to the District in order to preserve a piece of Lisburn�s Orange history. Anyone who can assist with information relating to these historic records are asked to contact Gareth Walker on 07912449030.

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