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Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland


Who's that with wee Davy?

Davy Jones (click on photo for a larger view)If you never saw tiny Davy Jones who stood knee high to a grasshopper and had a custom-built red car to match, driving in his open-top around Lisburn of the 50s you missed a treat.

He was a little man with a huge personality and a legendary reputation.

So today here is a picture of Davy as an air-raid warden, snapped by William Corrie who was pharmacy manager in Alex Boyd's the town chemists.

The photo was loaned to me by the late Mr Corrie's son Victor who believes it was taken sometime during the Second World War .

But who is Davy's companion in the delightful picture which was probably taken in former Lisburn council yard behind the town hall?

Wee Mr Jones was some character and it is said that he appeared in a few movies. But which ones?

If you know the person with Davy and/or which films he appeared in please let me know at