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Great grandfather loses fear of computers to become teacher
Ronnie Stewart A LISBURN great-grandfather who had once such a phobia of computers that he left a job because he had to use one -now has a qualification to teach in the subject.

Ronnie Stewart from Edgewater, graduated from the Southern Regional College recently with a JEB Teaching Diploma and Certificate which

allows him to teach ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence).

Now Ronnie (64), who has worked at Montupet for 17 years and is set to retire in May wants to teach the skill to other over 50's.

Mr Stewart said: "I wanted to show older people that if I can do it they can do it too.

"I worked for Ford for 17 years andone of the reasons why I left the job was because I Was asked to use a computer."

Ronnie left Ford to begin a job at Montupet as a quality inspector, however, a back accident meant that he could no longer work as an inspector and took an office job -which meant working with computers.

This time he was determined to prove to himself that the could get over his fear of computers.

"I was just determined to heat this computer thing," he said.

He took basic computer classes and was able to practice on computers which then led to a one year teaching diploma.

He now wants to take other courses and help to set up websites.

Last May, he volunteered to help out in a Silver Surfers programme at the Lisburn Library where he helped other older people frightened of computers to work with them.

He said: "The problem I had, which I think a lot of people have, is that you think that if you hit the wrong button everything is going to disappear and you will never get it back.

"I have found that it can normally be retrieved," he continued.

"I would like to teach people over 50 and I would like those who are frightened to develop a love for computers.

"I have taught my six-year-old grandson and he can go onto the net. Using a computer is so handy," he concluded.

Ulster Star