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Surgeons battle to save 10-year-old Dromore boy's hand


Carol Black condemned those selling fireworks to childrenSURGEONS at the Ulster Hospital have been battling to save what is left of a 10 year-old Dromore boy's hand after a weekend incident in which a firework he was holding exploded, also injuring his chest.

The boy's family have been left devastated by the horrific accident, in which the boy lost four fingers on his right hand.

Surgeon Mister Brown, who performed five hours of surgery in an effort to save the young boy's thumb, said it was a "particularly horrific incident".

He went on: "The majority of his hand is now useless. He has only his thumb left. This will effect his hobbies, his job and everything to do with his hand function. It was his dominant hand."

Dromore Councillor Carol Black, a friend of the boy's family, said the youngster had further surgery on this week to graft skin from his leg to treat his chest wound.

"I visited the family on Saturday night," said Councillor Black. "They are going through absolute devastation at the moment. The pain and hurt they are experiencing is appalling." Ms. Black said the boy faced months of hospital treatment and would have to adapt to his injuries when it came to so many activities other youngsters took for granted.

There are conflicting reports as to the nature of the fireworks involved in Saturday's accident, but Councillor Black took the opportunity to condemn any individuals selling illegal, homemade fireworks to local youngsters.

"It beggars belief there are adults selling these things to children on the streets of Dromore" she said. "Children don't see the danger; they don't understand it. They're just happy-go-lucky kids excited about Hallowe'en. What immaturity and lack of responsibility must any grown adult have to sell any type of firework to any child?"

Ulster Star