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Used stamps can help a dog become a life saver

DONATING a used stamp could help a dog become a lifesaver.

Dale Carson - President, Lagan Valley Rotary, Roisin McGarry Receptionist LHC and Mr David Parkinson Lisburn Hearing Centre sort through the many hundreds of used stamps already received.That's what Lisburn Hearing Centre in conjunction with Lagan Valley Rotary are urging local people to do in its annual effort to help a charity that trains rescued dogs to become potentially life saving four legged friends.

David Parkinson of Lisburn Hearing Centre said: The dogs become faithful friends and offer comfort and companionship to their owners. These dogs also wear burgundy jackets when out and on duty to let other people know they are assisting animals.

A 'hearing dog' acts as assistant and companion to profoundly deaf people by becoming their ears. The dogs are highly trained to alert their owners to every day sounds, like the telephone, door bell and cooker

timer. Importantly, these super loving, trained canines also warn their human companions of any dangers such as smoke or fire alarms. Dale Carson of Lagan Valley Rotary commented: "A profoundly deaf person may have lost confidence and feel they cannot face the world, hut by having this friend and loving companion the person receives a boost in confidence."

Christmas is the best time of the year to collect stamps, because of the extra mailing. Just cut (best) or tear round the stamp, separate British from Foreign and leave them at Lisburn Hearing Centre in Bachelors Walk, Longstone Post Office or Smile Dental Surgery in Sloan Street. The stamps will then be sold to collectors all over the world and the monies from this will go to the Hearing Dogs.

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