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Success celebrated at Lisburn School of Music graduation

Mayor James Tinsley and Mrs Tinsley with Stephen McLoughlin (LSM Principal) and exam graduates of Lisburn School Of Music.

Mayor James Tinsley and Mrs Tinsley with Stephen McLoughlin (LSM Principal) and exam graduates of Lisburn School Of Music.

LISBURN School of Music held its graduation presentation last Saturday (February 23) in the Performance Area of Lisburn City Library, with the presentation made by Mayor James Tinsley and Mrs Tinsley.

Before the certificates and cups were presented performances were given by Shannon Moulds (piano), Eve Trainor (saxophone) and Scott Dillon (vocals).

Stephen McLoughlin (LSM Principal) congratulated all the pupils on their exam success, providing yet another successful year for Lisburn School Of Music. Mayor James Tinsley also congratulated the pupils, and thanked the school for their support of council events and the musical life within Lisburn.

Certificates were then presented by the Mayor as follows:

Step 1 - Cenka Drayne (musical theatre), Johann Drayne (musical theatre), Andrew Milliken (piano), Erin Gardiner (piano).

Grade 1 - Natasha Russell (piano), Ben Glass (piano), James Cranston (violin), Robert Harrison (clarinet), Cameron Moore (piano), Alice Soult (piano), Joel Coulter (piano), Adam Houston (piano), Amy Patterson (singing), Masha Morwood (theory), Antoin Gibson (singing), Hannah Patterson (singing). Chantelle McAteer (musical theatre), Jordan Cunningham (drums), Peter Elliott (guitar), Daniel Patterson (drums), Jodie Rea (musical theatre), Emma Holley (violin), Connor McCrory (clarinet).

Grade 2 - James Thompson (guitar), Jessica McClearn (flute), Beth Grazier (piano), Rachael Robinson (piano), Becky Conroy (piano), Katie McCune (piano), Zara Scott (piano), Shannon McKnight (piano), Rebekah Wright (drums), Matthew Good (drums), Claire Soult (theory), Megan Spratt (theory).

Grade 3 - Alex Reid (piano), Laura Burns (piano), Leah Young (piano), Kirsty Dang (piano).

Grade 4 - Grace McLaughlin (piano), Scott Dillon (musical theatre), Sarah White (piano), Shannon Moulds (piano).

Grade 5 - Susanna Elliott (piano), Eve Trainor (saxophone), Alan McKee (piano), Lois Neville (theory), Katie Emerson (theory), Lauren Barr (clarinet), Lily Diamond (clarinet), Laura Gamble (clarinet), Faith Maguire (piano), Zara Macdonald (piano).

Grade 6 - Shara Walsh (piano), James McCormac (guitar), John Conlon (clarinet).

Grade 7 - Jonathan Potter (piano). GCSE Music - Melanie Barlow, Jordan White, Julie Bell, Orla Crawford, Jenna Green, Jordan Watson.

GCE Music - Delia Dorrian, Nigel McBride, Christopher Irvine, John D'Arcy.

Cup winners were then presented their cups by Mrs Tinsley as follows; Music Matters Percussion Cup Matthew Good, Mark McAlpine Strings Cup Emma Holley, A.A. Music Piano Cup Jonathan Potter, Greens Foodfare Theory Cup Katie Emerson, Avalon Guitar Cup James McCormac, Ulster Bank Woodwind Cup Eve Trainor, Shannon Jewellers Vocal Cup Scott Dillon, Stephen McLoughlin Outstanding Pupil Award Scott Dillon, Smyth Patterson Youngest Cup James Cranston.

Lisburn School Of Music welcomes new students at any stage, and any level.

For more information log on to or phone 9266 9103.

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