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Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland


Driver lucky to escape injury as lorry overturns


The lorry lies toppled on the side of the Edentrillick Road.

The lorry lies toppled on the side of the Edentrillick Road.

LISBURN Mayor Councillor Ronnie Crawford has said that a driver was 'fortunate' not have been seriously injured after his lorry overturned on the Edentrillick Road last week.

The lorry toppled over last Thursday when it apparently pulled over the let another vehicle pass on the country road.

Mr Crawford said it confirmed his fears about the safety of the road and he had contacted Roads Service to try to get action.

Mr Crawford said: "I was driving home when I saw the incident. The lorry was carrying a load of aggregate from the local quarry and had gone off the tarmac, there was a full load of stones tipped into the field. Fortunately no one was seriously injured, but it could have been more serious.

"I have, on numerous occasions, made representations to the Roads Service about the unsuitability of this country road for such huge vehicles but the Roads Service has refused to restrict the size of lorries using the road or install a white line or cats eyes as they admit the road is not wide enough.

"There is a constant flow of these type of vehicles to and from the local quarry and it was only a matter of time before an accident such at this occurred.

"I will be referring the matter again to the Roads Service for action but frankly is seems unlikely to take any action" he said.

A DRD spokesperson commented: "Current guidelines are that centre line road markings are normally only considered were the road width is consistently wider than 5.5m. Edentrillick Road is of insufficient consistent width for consideration of a centre line. Reflective road studs are considered in support of centre line road markings and having regard to the volume of traffic. Edentrillick Road does not meet either of these criteria."

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