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Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland


Work on luxury hotel 'could start in October'


The proposed new five star hotel for Lisburn.

The proposed new five star hotel for Lisburn.

WORK could begin on the �20m five star hotel on the Hillhall Road in October if the Planning Service give it the green light by the summer.

This week the man behind the project, top hotelier Arthur Mooney, pledged to deal with any concerns local people may have about the development as he revealed it would take two years to complete.

He also dismissed concerns the hotel would house a disco, which would cause noise and disruption to the local community.

"It will not be a disco hotel," said Mr Mooney. "This will be a high end hotel and it is in our interest to make sure there is no noise or disruption."

He also said the hotel would look to the past with a design based on the old linen houses which were once a feature of the Lagan Valley.

"This will be a five star hotel with 96 rooms which will be about twice the size of the normal hotel room, a Michelin Star quality restaurant and a spa that will be one of the best in Europe" Mr Mooney said.

He also said that leading consultants ARUP have been employed to address any roads issues and were already in contact with the DRD. Mr Mooney, who also runs the Armagh City Hotel, the Dunadry and the Wellington Park, said said there was a clear need for more top quality hotels in Northern Ireland. "If you look at the Republic or England, there are as many five star hotels as four star. That's not the case here and we have no doubt there will be a demand" he said.

Mr Mooney said he was delighted with the reaction he has got to the plan to build in Lisburn, with support from the Tourist Board, Lagan Valley Regional Park and Lisburn Council.

"The council have been very pro-active" he said "and it is a delight to work with a council who are being very innovative and encouraging."

Mr Mooney also revealed the multi-million pound hotel, which he hoped would attract international visitors and high profile guests, as well as welcoming local people through its doors, would provide 90 full time and 150 part time jobs.

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