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Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland


Market Federation reps to attend meeting with Lisburn Council

REPRESENTATIVES from the National Market Traders' Federation will join local market traders this Monday (October 20) at a second meeting with Lisburn City Council. A meeting was originally scheduled with traders at the Smithfield Square site for last Monday to discuss proposals to cease operating the temporary overflow market from Smithfield Square. However, that meeting focused on the traders from Lisburn Square, the site it is proposed those from Smithfield Square move to.

Now two representatives from the federation representing market traders throughout the UK will travel to Lisburn to be present at the discussions.

Local trader Catherine Deighan, whose family have been trading on their Fruit and Veg stall in Lisburn for 150 years, commented, "I have spoken with the Mayor, Councillor Ronnie Crawford who asked us why we couldn't move. I told him there aren't the facilities in Lisburn Square to facilitate us. We are hearing so many rumours, we have heard they are talking about moving us to the site of the Linen Centre, but we really don't know what is going on.

"The people of Lisburn are very loyal, even though it was raining on Tuesday, they still came out to shop and they are all concerned.

"I wonder where am I going to be in three months?" Catherine concluded.

John Perriton, Field Support Manager with the NMTSF said, "This is a difficult situation that won't be easy to resolve, I suspect. We are there to represent all members of the NMTF of both markets, in Lisburn Square and Smithfield Square, to come up with a solution to benefit everyone."

A spokesperson for Lisburn Council said: "Due to the unavailability of some market traders and the Market Traders Federation representative, another meeting is to be held next week.

"This additional meeting will ensure all market traders will have the opportunity to put forward their views and those traders currently occupying the temporary market area outside Lisburn Square will be able to discuss their proposed relocation to the main market trading area in Lisburn Square"

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