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Have you been wrongly issued with a parking fine?


TWO councillors have voiced fears some people may have been incorrectly issued with parking tickets since the introduction of on street charging in Lisburn.

Jonathan Craig and Paul Porter have been contacted by a number of constituents about the issue and are calling on anyone else who believes they have been incorrectly issued with a parking ticket to contact the constituency office.

'A constituent received a traffic ticket for 'feeding the machine' even though the two combined tickets which she had purchased only added up to a total of two hours -which is the permitted parking time allowed in the area," explained Mr Craig.

"We wrote to the Roads Service asking for the ticket to be withdrawn as it is very clear that the parking restriction allows you to park for any two hours within a three hour period.

"It was somewhat surprising that our first letter received back from the Roads Service upheld the ticket being issued and stated that this was right and proper. After a lengthy discussion with the Roads Service, the ticket was finally rescinded which should have been the case from the outset."

Mr Craig went on to say : "This leaves me wondering how many such fines have been issued in regard to 'feeding of the machines' and how many of these fines should not have been issued. It is for this reason that I am urging anyone who feels that they may have been issued a ticket wrongly to contact my office and we will raise your concerns with the Road Service.'

Mr Porter, said: "The problem of receiving a ticket for 'feeding the machines' is only one of many complaints that constituents have brought to our attention over the last number of weeks, leaving local shoppers wondering if parking meters introduced to increase footfall for our local shops, or are purely a way of raising revenue for the Roads Service.

"If you feel you have been incorrectly issued with a parking ticket, please contact us on 9266 8378."

Ulster Star