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Special celebration of autumn raises money to help the needy

Angelo hosts special day for Rotary charities

Members of the committee who helped organise the event - John Gilliland, Kyle Harper and Brian Huey with Angelo and the president of the club Sandra McCabe.

Members of the committee who helped organise the event - John Gilliland, Kyle Harper and Brian Huey with Angelo and the president of the club Sandra McCabe.


Angelo and one his daughters who helped at the eventTOP Lisburn restaurateur Angelo Marano has hosted a Sagre d'Autunno to raise funds for the Rotary Club of Lisburn's annual Christmas appeal.

Having last year hosted a very successful 'Sagra', or celebration of local fish, Angelo's Caf� Marano was full for the 'celebration of Autumn food' in aid of hampers for those in need this Yuletide.

Angelo was delighted with the huge turnout and said he was happy to throw open his restaurant at Market Lane for such a worthy cause.

He said he was especially appreciative that his own daughters come home from wherever they are studying each year and help

in a 'hands on' way, keeping staff costs down to leave more in the charity kitty.

Angelo Marano with the president of the Rotary Club of Lisburn Sand McCabe and vice president John Mcllroy.Angelo's Cafe Marano will have been open for 25 years next February � a very rare achievement to have been trading at one location with a single owner for such a long time, and he said he was delighted that through his membership of Rotary he can put something back into the local community.

Rotarians and their guests enjoyed Autumnal delights locally sourced as Angelo demonstrated his commitment to what in Italy is described as 'Del produtore al consummatore' (from producer to consumer).

In Italy families produce huge steaming plates of low cost fresh food to feed large numbers at

long groaning family tables and Angelo says that belt tightening could well mean a return to directly supplied fresh food eaten by families either at home or in

economically priced restaurants. The event proved to be a staggering success, raising over a large sum for hampers which will be distributed before Christmas.

An old Italian recipe for Spicy Red Cabbage

ONE of the recipes which proved particularly popular at the Sagre d'Autunno was Spicy Red Cabbage. Angelo sources this locally from a farmer in season or from Kelly's in Longstone Street who have supplied his fruit and vegetables for the past 24 and a half years.

One cabbage at less than a pound will provide enough vegetable for 15 to 20 people.


Finely shredded red cabbage
Two thoroughly chopped onions
Two peeled and chopped apples (even something more wrinkled will do)
Handful of raisins
Two teaspoons of mixed spice
Salt and pepper to taste Knob of butter
Vinegar (any kind)
Generous drop of wine, port or sherry

There are two methods: Either put all the ingredients in a huge casserole dish and slow cook in the oven if you are cooking a stew or a slow cooked roast like lamb shoulder so the energy cost/carbon footprint are kept down. As an alternative on the stove top, fry the onion and apple with the butter and spice and add the cabbage and vinegar and water.

On the stove top 30 minutes should suffice and in the oven long and slow are the recommendations.

To add to the spicy flavour Angelo suggests adding a mandarin orange spiked with cloves or a cinnamon stick if you have it.

This is a great staple for large groups and reheats well and lasts a few days in the fridge- Buon Appetito

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