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Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland


Lisburn man pleads to return to his home town


A 77 year old Lisburn man who is currently living in a residential home at Knockbracken says he desperately wants to return to his home town.

Mr. Stanley Knox, who has applied for a sheltered dwelling in the city, is originally from the Antrim Road area but is now a resident of Saintfield Lodge close to Knockbracken Healthcare Park (formerly Purdsyburn Hospital).

He likes to visit Lisburn frequently but is finding this increasingly difficult as he has to use a walking aid. The journey by public transport involves either two buses or a bus and train. However, Mr. Knox now finds it necessary to use a taxi at times which can cost as much as �12.00.

He recently visited Lisburn and inquired about his application at the Antrim Street Housing Executive office but was told it was being dealt with by the organisation's staff in Castlereagh.

Mr. Knox feared this meant he would not be allocated a home in Lisburn. However, an Executive spokesperson explained his application was being dealt with in Castlereagh because he currently lives in the Castlereagh Housing Executive District.

"Mr. Knox has applied to live in a sheltered housing complex in Lisburn and his application has been assessed," the spokesperson continued."At this stage we are unable to say when suitable accommodation will become available. However, we are working with the Social Services to try to resolve Mr. Knox's housing situation as quickly as possible."

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