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Crumlin pupils take 'swift action' with bird project

Crumlin Primary School pupils Josh Bensley-Stedman and Niamh Gilchrist with Bird Boxes which the school will be using for Swift Birds bought using money from the Antrim Council
Bio-Diversity Grant. US0708-122A0

HILDREN of Crumlin Primary School are doing their bit for local biodiversity by putting up nesting boxes for swifts.

They plan to set up 10 nest boxes around the school grounds to ensure that the swift population is thriving.

Teacher Mrs Wright, who has driven the project forward said: "Brain Cahalane, a local swift expert, visited the school and told us all about these fascinating birds. The 10 nest boxes have arrived and we have picked a suitable site for them." Mr Cahalane said: "I have been concerned about the loss of Swift nesting sites in Crumlin. It is very encouraging to see a local school taking action for our local biodiversity. In Amsterdam, it is illegal to renew a roof without providing a nest cavity for swift we have not been as forward thinking here in Northern Ireland."

Ruth Wilson, Biodiversity Officer with Antrim Borough Council explains the importance of swifts.

"The UK Swift population was estimated at 80,000 birds in 1990. They are thought to' have decreased by 20% since. There's just one Swift now for every 900 UK humans. Swifts are fully protected by UK laws - it is illegal to kill or harm them, to damage their nests or take their eggs. We are delighted that Crumlin Primary is acting for local biodiversity by helping the Crumlin Swift."

Crumlin Primary School was successful in obtaining an Antrim Borough Biodiversity Action (ABBA) Grant to support the Swift species action plan.

For more information contact Ruth Wilson, Biodiversity Officer 028 9446 3113 or email her on

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