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Smyth Patterson sheds light on energy efficient bulbs

Colin Patterson and Janet Parker who are organising an Energy Saving Demonstration Advice Day on Tuesday, September 29. US3909.130A0 Picture By: Aidan O'ReillyMANY people can't work out which bulbs to use for their light fittings now that traditional light bulbs are being fazed out. However, local retailer Smyth Patterson is ready to shed some light on the confusion by hosting an Information Day next Tuesday (September 29) from 9.30am2pm.

Representatives from the Energy Savings Trust Advice Centre, Osram Lighting and The One Switch will be taking part in the event, to give local people the opportunity to find out what bulbs will best suit their needs. Colin Patterson of Smyth Patterson said: "There has been a lot of confusion about the change over of light bulbs. if customers come in to our Information Day we can show them the equivalent of the type of bulb they are using now and tell them the benefits of the energy efficient bulbs. The Energy Savings Trust will also be giving away 50 energy saving bulbs to the first 50 customers, which are worth £3.99."

Colin added: "This is all part of the process to help people find out what's suitable for them."

The information Day will allow local people to call in and talk to the experts to get as much information as possible on the new energy efficient bulbs.

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