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Former civil servant has verset book of poems published

Lisburn Poet Eric McCrossan with his book. US4709-107A0A FORMER Trading Standards Officer from Lisburn has just published his first book of poems.

Eric McCrossan, who describes himself as an apprentice poet, is delighted with his first poetry book entitled Racket, which has been published by iUniverse.

Eric, a self confessed lover of verse, has been dabbling with poetry for quite some time.

A few years ago, during a fundraising concert for cancer, his daughter Catherine surprised him by having some of his poems read out which was the first time they were aired in public.

But it was only when he was forced to take early retirement due to his wife's ill health that he decided to get his collection of poems published.

Eric's favourite among the 50 poems in the new collection is Woebegone Court, an amusing and light hearted poem about a court case.

He said: "I have been dabbling at poetry for a while. I hope the poems are accessible as I don't like cryptic poetry myself. If I am influenced by other poets I'm not aware of it. But we are all influenced in some way so I leave it to the reader to say who my role models are."

The new book is available on request through Waterstones, Lisburn, Lisburn Museum, or Waterstones/Amazon online for RRP £8.

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