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Rammed by joyriders

Grandmother tells of lucky escape after shock smash

Tilly Munster and her grandson James O'Neill who spoke of their lucky escape after their car was rammed by joyriders.A GRANDMOTHER has told how she and her grandson had a lucky escape after their car was rammed by joyriders as they returned from shopping.

Tilly Munster and James O'Neill (20) were on their way home on Saturday, October 31 when a stolen BMW smashed into them on the Summerhill Road. The Twinbrook grandmother is now frightened to drive again and is still in shock at how she or James could have been killed or badly injured by such a mindless act.

"The people who do this don't care for their own life never mind those who they crash into," said Tilly. "Joyriding used to be a big problem on that stretch of road but it had improved.

"I'm 74 years of age and never had an accident in my life until this."

Tilly said the crash came 'right out of the blue.

"We had just got a new car. It was about six weeks old and my husband Pat said to take it easy going over the ramps. I was taking my time going over a ramp and the next thing I could see a car racing up the wrong side of the road and suddenly they smashed right into the side of me. The air bags exploded and white powder came out but I thought it was smoke and the car might go on fire.

"I couldn't get out. I was trapped, but James was able to get out.

"A man who was passing stopped to help. He opened my door but he was worried about trying to move me. The ambulance arrived in a matter of minutes and they got me out and took me to hospital.

'All I could think about was the new car getting damaged after I knew James was okay."

James managed to phone his father and grandfather to let them know what had happened.

"We were both badly bruised and I had two black eyes, a swollen face and my chest and ribs were hurt. I still need treatment for my back, but it could have been much worse. The car was so badly damaged it was written off, but we can now look forward to Christmas and hopefully the mental scars will pass."

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