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The 'brave' robbers who stole £10 from 89 year old war veteran


"One minute I was watching television, the next I was surrounded by six men"

THE daughter-in-law of an 89-year-old man who was robbed in his home by six men who made off with just £10 has branded his attackers as 'sick'.

Second World War ex-marine George Brown, who served in the Navy in India and Africa, was watching television and getting ready for bed in his Drumbo home around 9.30pm on Monday when he heard a bang and was surrounded by up to six men.

Some stood with the frail man with their jackets around their face asking for drugs and money while others ran upstairs and wrecked his room. They overturned his bed in search for money. Others ransacked the sitting room, damaging a cabinet.

George, who has lived in his house for 50 years said: "I was not scared. This has never happened to me before but I would not let them get me down. It all happened in a flash. One minute I was watching television the next I was surrounded by six men."

His daughter-in-law Marie Brown said that the six 'must be proud of their handiwork'.

"They must be really brave men to do this to an elderly man," she said. "There are no words to describe them, they are just sick. He fought in the war, was in the navy, he bothers no-one and just keeps himself to himself. But he is determined that they will not put him down and he is very resilient."

Neighbours said they saw a suspicious looking man hanging around days before and an attempt was then made to break into his house via the front door.

Marie continued: "They must have waited until he was alone in the house before they struck. This is an 89-year-old man for goodness sake. These must have been big brave men. They must be very proud of themselves for doing that. Thank goodness he is just all right.

"They must have a got a kick of what they did I hope they are sitting back and are really proud of themselves. He is very independent and they will not put him down. He is a very determined man. He wants to return home but we want him to stay with us for a while."

A suspicious vehicle was reported in the area with one of the men on board described as being well built with ginger hair and blond streaks. One had a stubble ginger beard and sat in the front seat.

Police in Lisburn are investigating and are urging anyone who can help with their inquiries to contact detectives on 0845 600 8000.

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