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Hillsborough 'a hotbed' for badger baiting

Group says local people must make their objections heard

MEMBERS of the Northern Ireland Badger Group have said that local people "must make their voices heard" in objection of badger baiting, after reports a badger baiting ring has been identified in Northern Ireland.

A spokesperson for the Northern Ireland Badger Group described the greater Hillsborough and Boardmills areas as "hotbeds" for badger baiting and called on local people to "stand up for badgers". It was revealed last weekend that a six-month investigation by the USPCA and the PSNI had discovered a badger baiting ring which stretched to England, France and the USA.

Hundreds of badgers are torn apart by dogs each year, suffering agonising deaths, and a spokesman from the Northern Ireland Badger Group described those involved as "sadistic monsters".

He continued: "Unfortunately the greater Hillsborough and Boardmills areas are hotbeds for this activity.

"The ghouls who take part in Badger Baiting really take callousness and cowardice to a new level and bring shame on Northern Ireland.

"Until long custodial sentences become the norm, heavy fines are issued and life bans from being in possession of animals introduced sadly the Brock will have to endure continued persecution. The community must not only be outraged by the contents of this latest expose but must make their voices heard loud and clear. Stand up for the Badger."

Stephen Philpott, Chief Executive of the USPCA commented, "The Greater Lisburn area has been blighted by badger diggers and the USPCA are appealing to landowners and the rural community to make the authorities aware of suspicious activity. Without your help hundreds of our badgers and the dogs coerced into fighting them will continue to suffer an apalling death."

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