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Lisburn actress makes her debut with Bruiser Theatre

Niamh McGowan (right) makes her debut with Bruiser Theatre CompanyLISBURN actress Niamh McGowan will be making her professional debut with Bruiser Theatre Company when they bring their production of 'Oh What a Lovely War to the Island Arts Centre on April 24 at 8pm.

It's 1914 and Europe is on the brink of war. Your king and country need you, so be a real man, enlist today! But the propaganda promise of valour and victory is quickly revealed to be a fatal myth, as the donkeys in command send the lions on the front line to die with mind-blowing arrogance and incompetence. Throughout it all, they keep on singing!

'Oh What A Lovely War' is a moving, funny, lyrical evocation of the tragedy and pathos of the First World War. Armed with sketches, songs and stories, a cast of Pierrot clowns mix their sombre buffoonery with the bawdy, tough humour of the lads on the front line.

Along the way the story is marked by a fantastic collection of songs from the Great War - 'Pack Up Your Troubles, 'Keep The Home Fires Burning' and 'It's A Long Way To Tipperary'. 'Oh What A Lovely War' is a groundbreaking and stunning examination of a conflict that wiped out a whole generation of young men throughout Europe.

Bruiser's Artistic Director Lisa May explained: "We've wanted to produce Joan Littlewood's wonderful play for years now, so I'm delighted to finally be bringing this amazing show to audiences around the country. A cracking script, a brilliant cast and some of the best music you're likely to see in a theatre this year."

Still as relevant today as when it was first seen in London in 1963, this brilliant, satirical musical is one of the great landmarks of post-war British theatre.

This show epitomises the best and most vital theatre produced by Bruiser Theatre Company over the last decade.

Bruiser's production of 'Oh What a Lovely War' will be staged at the Island Arts Centre on Friday April 24. For further information or to book tickets, priced £10/8, contact the Island Arts Centre Box Office on 9250 9254.

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